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Chateau d'Aiguilhon


After the preparation phase, the first work ins the cellar is the harvest!

The cleanup phase of the cellar before the harvest period is a critical phase. It is indeed at this time that we put the site in perfect health for a period of four intense weeks. 

The first selection is made directly to the fields. Indeed, we don't hesitate to go to taste the berries to measure, monitor the actual state of maturity. The primary action we can take the final decision of the plot harvesting. 

We made the choice to harvest the harvesting machine. this allows us to practice the harvest when we want it : at the optimum time for berries ripe and well furnished.When the grapes are picked, it goes up to 3/4 of an hour for it to be emptied into the conquet (oxidation berries). 

Of conquet (receiving container harvesting cellar), it passes into the stemmer. The berries are then mounted in the fermentation tank through a hose that is refrigerated.

The vessel itself is cooled by circulating these anal intercourse or water at 10 ° C. All this is handled automatically through a heat pump. We set the desired temperature and everything is self-regulated. We do not assemble, like most winemakers, wine finished, but the freshly picked grapes. This means that in each tank of 150 hl, we bring our next tasting at plot the desired volume of different varietals. These choices and the selection made ​​through the experience of the winemaker can get the best vintages of the Chateau. Our hard maceration between 3 and 4 days. The extraction of the best flavor is achieved through several operations : 

- Of pumping : the pump takes the juice down the cellar and goes above the cap.

- Load shedding : we are making the wine with a separator (to avoid mixing the seeds to the juice). We store it in a dedicated tank. We let 2h 1/2 and we reshed over the fermentation tank to smash up the berries and make the most of our soil, the more brillant colors, the most complex aroma, etc.

We taste the wine every morning and evening and after 20 to 25 days, we judge that he took to the bay (must) everything in it in color, frame, perfume, and we urge the must send these nectars tank to jump to the next step.