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Chateau d'Aiguilhon


To agreawine is to develop it, put it in an optimal situation for it develops it's flavors so distinctive that they will make this fame ! 

At harvest, a severe fine selection of our best lots is practiced. One of the lots, aftertasting, will be chosen to represent our famous wine DUC D'AIGUILHON.

Another batch will represent the wine CHATEAU D'AILGUILHON, the rest for our wines called generic.  

Our aging chails located undergoung in natural temperature. Because of it's position under the ground level, we can maintain a year round temperature of around 17 to 20°C.

We selected our wines in barrels. Each year we renew around 1/3 of our barrels. Our wines are every 6 to 8 months in barrels changed. This aims to homogenize our finished product.